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All Vibra Strike concrete screeds and Rattler vibratory products are manufactured by Lindley, Inc. 

  "The bitterness of poor quality and service lingers long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten..."

 Mission Statement

​The first Vibra Strike vibratory screeding machine was developed by Tommy Lindley during the summer of 1990.  The original machine was just as functional and dependable as the current models.  Born from the insight of a concrete man, Tommy developed a machine allowing a single operator to do more work in less time, and the contractor with multiple employees to take on more jobs while reducing workload.  Revolutionary in concept, simplistic in design, the Vibra Strike vibratory screed represents a tool that allows anyone needing an efficient and rugged screeding machine to get the job done!​

 Our continued growth is attributed to you, our customers, and the wide acceptance of our products.  We thank you for this and wish your continued success in the concrete business.  We could not have realized our success without you!

 Our Foundation

Our commitment to quality is paramount, for without quality, you have nothing.  Every change and improvement is for betterment of the products, not a better profit margin.  We will always produce a quality product at an affordable price that we are proud to put our name on.  New products will be tested in the field and verified before releasing them for purchase.  We welcome comments and suggestions about any and all of our products.  Problems with any products should first be taken to your local dealer.  We are always glad to help in any way possible in the event that they are unable to resolve the issue at hand. 

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